What Is a Welcome Bonus in Video slots?

Since slots require minimal skills and are accessible on any platform, they have become incredibly popular. Today you can access hundreds of video slots right on your phone with proper internet connection.

 That’s not even the best part, slots come packed with multiple offers and, if lucky you can win the welcome bonus. Some may require you to use the video slots bonus code, but others are instantly accessible. Let’s have a look at the video slots promo codes and the types of welcome bonuses available.

What are Video Slots Casino Bonus Codes

These codes are made of a set of numbers and letters which gambling sites use to give different offers. An example would be, ‘WB$120’ or ‘WB130%’. These codes can be found on the casino site, like https://hellsbet.com/en-in/lottery-sites , on email or within affiliate site the casino advertises on. However, not all bonuses require a code, some may need you to meet a specific criteria to access. E.g. deposit a certain amount of money to get a specific promotion.

Video Slots Welcome Bonus Types

No Deposit Welcome Bonus

These are the best bonuses, though quite rare stumbling into them is often by mere luck. They come in the form of free spins and bonus rounds.  Despite not requiring any real money bets, some casinos may require the gambler to make a deposit to access the winnings from the promo. So, in short, you will be playing for free with no cash spent and any win can be withdrawn.

First, Second and Third Deposit Bonus

These video slots bonus code cashback offers are also referred to as the match bonus. In this case the casino will match a percentage of the deposits made once certain criterion is met. E.g

  • 100% match $400 first deposit bonus
  • 150%match $300 second deposit bonus
  • 150% match $350 third deposit bonus

And so on....

These bonuses will be issued once the player deposits $400, $300, $350 or more on the first, second and third deposits accordingly in the applicable games.

Specific Game Bonus

Some initial bonuses are game specific. That is they are only applicable to a selection of game(s). Most bonuses get issued to the most popular slots with massive progressive jackpots, high odds and great pay out rates.
Some of the other bonuses include the loyalty programme bonus, monthly bonus, weekly bonus, seasonal promotions and cashback offers. For the video slots’ cashback bonus, the player gets a % payout of money lost in a game back, i.e. 10% of loss made. The loyalty programmes are only available to regular players who have established some form of relationship with the casino.  The weekly, monthly and seasonal bonuses get awarded within a specific time frame.

Right. A kind of introductory word. No, I`m not going to admire all casino slot machines or promise you to present the secrets of slot mechanisms and slot machine games on this site. I won’t tell how to hit a jackpot playing slots or some winning strategy. You will never find here methods, which guarantee you a 100% win. But only here you will find must to know information about all that concerns slot machines, starting from their types and up to the tournaments, which take place at online casinos.

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Knowing these small details it is quite simple to earn money with slotsdoc or any other gambling site playing slots. Just choose the one and play the best slots games!

Platinum Play

Platinum Play

Exclusive: Up to $100 first deposit bonus plus 50% on all other deposits.


Lucky Red

Lucky Red

Exclusive: Up to $4000 first deposit bonus plus 400% on all other deposits.


Club USA

Club USA

Exclusive: Up to $777 first deposit bonus plus 100% on all other deposits.


Types of Casino Slot Games

The casino of today has a lot more than card and pool tables. There are, for instance, casino slot online, and several types are commonly available.

Winning at the Slots

Slot machines have been
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so it's hard to develop strategies for beating them.

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