Types of Casino Slot Games

The casino of today has a lot more than card and pool tables. There are, for instance, casino slot games, and several types are commonly available. Some types are conditioned by history of slots.

Multiplier Slot Games

With Multipliers, you can put in more than one coin as your bet, up to five in most cases, though some allow more. If you win, you get a prize directly proportional to the number coins you bet. For instance, if you win with a three-coin bet, your winnings triple. The only exception is with the jackpots. With these, you might get an 800-coin prize after playing a one-coin bet, or 2000 for two coins under the same circumstances. However, my analogy of a single-coin bet is somewhat irrelevant, because most casino slot games don't do single-coin bets. A special featured skill stops slots are very popular.

The Wild Symbol: A Variation on the Multiplier

These machines are just like Multipliers, but they have a wild symbol to mix up the game a bit. For example, if you're going for three of the same symbol and you have two plus a wild, you're a winner, and you sometimes win more for having a wild symbol in your combination. Some wild symbols are double or triple, like you might have double diamonds, and that represents how much it will increase your winnings. So say you have two triple diamonds. Your winnings multiply by nine. People love to play with wild symbols, and these machine are some of the most popular.

Multi-Liner Games

Although most casino slot games have just one pay line, Multi-Liner games have a few, usually three horizontal ones. Some also have diagonal lines across the machines windows. Most of the time, if you want to activate so many lines, then you put in that same number of coins. So for three lines three, and four lines four, etc.

Buy-your-pay Casino Slot Games

These types of casino slot games have just one pay line, but the size of your winning prize depends on the number of coins you bet. One coin can't win jackpots or large combos. One type of the Buy-your-pay casino slot games is called "Blazing Sevens," and you win jackpots for lining up three seven's only after betting three coins.


Another one of the casino slot games is called a "Progressive." Several machines are hooked together and everyone competes to see who can get a winning combination first and collect all the coins put in since the last win. The winning amount is shown in dollars. There's a very slim chance that a player can win a big jackpot, and all get caught up in the competition. Progressives were first used in 1986.

Video Casino Slot Games

Yet another trend that started in the 1980's was video casino slot games. These slots don't spin physically. Instead, you see a computer-generated simulation, and you're playing games like poker, blackjack, keno and craps. Just like more traditional casino slot games, video ones come in Multiplier, Multi-liner and Buy-your-pay varieties.

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