Smart Slot Playing

Whether you're playing an internet slot game or a physical one, the same sly tricks work all the time. Enjoy yourself, and use these tips to try and take home some dough.

Go for the biggest winnings. Be aware of slots payouts. An online slot game is most likely going to pay you more than one in a casino because there are fewer expenses involved in managing a website as opposed to a physical location.

See what wins. Don't be random, even in your fun. Look at the schedules to see what the winning combinations are.

Know when payouts are due. Unless a slot machine is paying out, you probably won't get much fun out of it. Don't sit there babysitting when you could be having fun. Go find another game you enjoy that's actually enjoying some action.

Once a slot starts paying out, stick to it. Slots usually don't pay out just once, so keep playing if you win and get a payout.

Play only what you have. Under the excitement and pressures of the casino setting, it's easy to get caught up and start spending more money than you should. However, you can get just as much enjoyment out of games that use coins instead of dollars. Don't go for dollars when you just have a few.

Bet only what you don't mind losing. If losing all your money is going to make you upset, then don't bet it. Just put out what you know you won't miss.

If you're winning, put your money down.The ideal time to increase your bet is while you're winning. If you're losing, hold your wallet tight and keep losses as low as possible.

Go with the maximum amount of coins. Betting less than the maximum number of coins will mean forfeiting part of a jackpot. It could mean the difference between $1,000 and $100,000 if you bet, say, one coin at per turn. Look for a machine whose maximum bet is within your means.

Know the minimum.You don't want to put your coins into the slots and then find out you didn't even have enough to play a game.

If you don't get the instructions, skip it. Unless it's really not important to you that you might lose your money, or not get as much in winnings, go with the games you know how to play. You'll enjoy yourself a lot more.

Look for slots clubs. For those of you who make it a hobby to go to the casinos and play slots, you might be able to get prizes for being such a frequent visitor. Check it out. It won't hurt.

Two slots side-by-side are a no-no.If you're in a live casino, two machines that aren't connected to each other almost always have opposite or close to opposite patterns. If you're winning on one, you'll probably be losing on the other.

Therefore, don't play next to someone who's winning. If you don't play two side-by-side, then it follows that you don't play next to a winner- or you'll probably find yourself a loser. You also may play slots online.

These really are serious rules, based on common sense and experience. Know them, use them, and see if they don't improve your play.

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