Winning at the Slots

Slot machines have been preprogrammed for randomness, so it's hard to develop strategies for beating them, but there are some basic things along with slots tips, every slot-player should know.

Make Your Chances Better

Go with what you have in your pocket. Getting a few turns at a more expensive machine most likely will not result in a big hit, so you actually get more return by sticking with the less expensive machines. With more spins, you increase your chances of getting the right combination.

Even when you're playing within your means, you can end up making some costly mistakes if you don't know the pay-out schedule. For instance, if you go to a machine and see an advertisement for a certain prize, that usually represents the prize for paying out the maximum number of coins, so if you don't do that you won't get the maximum. For example, some lines on a multi pay-line slot only pay out when you play the same number of coins as there are pay-lines. Always play the highest number of coins; it can mean doubling or tripling a winning pay-out.

Payback percentage is important as well. This is something that will change with the machine. Often, you'll see 80% payback rates, and that's not that good. Learn more anout payouts. The best ones can be found online, because online slots are cheaper to maintain, with some being as high as 98-99%. The more a machine is going to pay back out, the more likely it is that you'll actually get something through your slot machine playing.

Remember that it is more likely to lose than to win. Only play with what you could have just as easily given away, and don't allowed yourself to get carried away and raise this amount. If you don't spend all your money, playing the slots can be enjoyable even if you don't win. If you do, though, claim your rightful reward. Definitely never leave a slot where you just won, even if it runs out of money.

Beware of Crooked Machines

Every time there is a game that enjoys widespread popularity, people are profiting from it, both honestly and dishonestly. When slot machines were still a novelty, some operators would program their machines to never payout by programming the winning symbols to avoid the pay line, so their players just poured money in and never got anything in return. These "One Armed Bandits," as they were called, probably made a fortune, although people would eventually realize their machines were rigged.

Now though, such practices are both dishonest and illegal. Gambling is now something that, just like everything else, is under government jurisdiction. RNGs, random number generators, are a required component on any slot machine, and they ensure that every number spun is solely by chance and relies on no previous spin. Also, slots are already programmed to pay out their percentages and they're tested thoroughly to make sure that they do before any gambles on them.

However, as with any other type of law breakers, someone will always get away with putting out rigged machines. The government can't keep up with everyone. Therefore, you should stick with the casinos whose reputations are solid. This is not usually a problem online at all. When you stick with reputable casinos, you have a fair chance to win and you don't end up throwing money into a machine that never could have given you more than a zero percent return.

When looking for casinos, always ask for others' advice. Everyone is not running a casino for honest gain.

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